Bobby Cool Focuses On Life’s Small Moments For ‘Family Time’

Athens, Georgia-born songwriter Bobby Cool has worked as a janitor, radon inspector, and flooring salesman to make ends meet, and particularly throughout the music industry’s shutdown in 2020 and 2021. However, that’s also helped him collect stories about “life’s small moments” which he has brought ogether with a mix of genres for his upcoming album Family Time.

His Country-Folk ballad, “American Dream”, is out now as a preview ahead of the album’s July 29th release. The song tells the story of an “enlisted brother, free-spirit sister, and an ultimately ailing mother” and relates “what it means to make a life in the land of the free” in a fairly devastating way.

At the end of February 2020, Cool and his producer Adam Haynes (Bluegrass fiddler for The Grascals, Dailey & Vincent, and others) tracked 13 songs over the course of two days. Two weeks later, the world would shut down and a two-year journey would commence to release into the world what would finally become Family Time. On Family Time, Cool shares “musical snapshots of small and large moments that define family life”.

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