By Divine Right Brings Existential Disco To Psychedelic Pop For “No. 87”

Canadian Indie Rock band By Divine Right is returning in the Fall of 2022 with a new album, Otto Motto, their first to be released by Fortune Stellar Records. After sharing the album’s first single, “St. Leon’s,” back in March, the band has offered another preview with psychedelic Pop song “No. 87,” along with an “enigmatic” animated video created by visual artist Jon Claytor.

The creative force behind By Divine Right remains singer/guitarist Jose Contreras, who says of “No. 87”:

After some misadventures, I returned to live in Toronto, trying to remember my way back to the future. ‘No. 87’ forced its way into the world, a doom-y theme that wouldn’t go away. It was recorded on a broken tape machine, warble-y existential disco based on a typo.

Since 2010, By Divine Right’s lineup has consisted of Contreras, Alysha Haugen (bass/vocals) and Geordie Dynes (drums/vocals). Since 1995, BDR has released eight albums and played thousands of shows across Canada, the US, UK, Australia and China. Contreras is also a record Producer and songwriter.

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