Power Pose Shakes Off Insecurities With A “Honey” Dance Party

[Cover photo credit to Jen Meller]

Brooklyn Rock duo Power Pose have unveiled their first single Honey,” accompanied by a DIY video–of an at-home dance party. They’ve also announced their debut full-length album I’m Looking, for July 1st, 2022.

Jacqueline Bodley (guitar/vocals) and Kelly Rudman (drums) formed Power Pose in 2017 and weathered some personal and pandemic-based obstacles to start recording their own work. Their first single sets out their unwillingness “to settle, to get nothing less than what they deserve”, and encourages listeners to do the same.

Bodley says:

The lyrics for “Honey” originated in a dark place, but the song transforms that darkness into something joyful and empowering. When you aren’t well, it’s easy to lose confidence and feel disconnected from your physical self. “Honey” is about someone living vicariously through the media they consume and plunging into fantasy to escape their reality. Ultimately, the narrator wakes herself up to reclaim her strength and sexual confidence. The song is about shaking off your insecurities and completely letting go. Its danceability celebrates the feeling of moving and connecting with your body.

Power Pose had the track co-produced, recorded and mixed by Jeff Berner at Studio G in Brooklyn, New York and mastered by Alex DeTurk.

The video was made with an iPhone and shot, directed, and edited by Bodley:

Since the song is all about immersing yourself in fantasy, we wanted the colors and backdrops to feel over the top and indulgent, like stepping into a glittery photobooth or being the star of your own dance party. The vibe is campy, flirty and totally unselfconscious. We also wanted to play with point of view and have some of the footage appear like it’s coming through a broadcast, blurring the lines a bit between reality and fiction.

Single art: Jacqueline Bodley / Photo credit: Jen Meller