Goon Follows Benefit EP With ‘Hour Of Green Everything’ LP Exploring A “Nighttime Suburban World”

[Cover photo credit to Josh Beavers]

Goon has announced new full-length album Hour Of Green Evening for July 15th, 2022. The album’s first single, Angelnumber 1210”, features synths by Spoon’s Alex Fischel, and is accompanied by a video shot on 16mm film. It was directed by Katie Neuhof (illuminati hotties) and features Al Menne from Great Grandpa / Pickleboy.

Frontman Kenny Becker explains:

My wife has always had a fondness for the number 1210, we always notice it when it pops up, and she even has it tattooed. I love being open to patterns and numbers like that. I don’t really believe that numbers have inherent prophetic meanings, but I do think they’re interesting and powerful in a way that kinda suggests some order behind the chaos of everything.

Goon began as Becker’s Bandcamp solo project in 2015, releasing Heaven is Humming, as well as EPs Happy Omen & Dusk of Punk. After several band members departed, Becker recruited a new band of Andy Polito on drums, Dillon Peralta on guitar, and Tamara Simons on bass, and set about recording a second LP, Hour of Green Evening, in Glendale, CA with producer and engineer Phil Hartunian and Alex Fischel from Spoon who plays piano & synth on the record. 

The band also just released a benefit EP in light of the Supreme Court’s intent to strike down Roe v. Wade, featuring a cover of Pixies’ “Snakes” (feat. illuminati hotties), raising over $1,000 for Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund.

Hour of Green Everything is described as “the evolution of Goon” and a “complete statement”. It’s set in a “nighttime suburban world of Becker’s youth”, and is “populated by people dreaming, sleeping and waking, existing in that in-between space of the nighttime world”. You’ll also find tons of plant references in “an endless suburban gloaming”. 

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