Nick Leng Reconnects With Joy For ‘Spirals’

South African born, Los Angeles-based artist Nick Leng has announced forthcoming LP, Spirals, due July 22, 2022, via SOTA Records. Along with the announcement, he also shares the record’s title track, “Spirals.” 

Speaking on the new track, Nick writes: 

Some songs can be finished in a day, some take over a year or two. Spirals was definitely the latter. So much experimentation went into making this one. Countless nights staying up at night figuring out all the parts. ‘It’s my baby,’ I often tell friends when I show them this one. It’s very special to me because it has a lot of my personality in it, as well as a story of me finding love again.

Last fall, Leng shared a new live LP, Lemons- Live From Drive In OC. The live LP followed Leng’s 2020 debut album Lemons. He also recently shared the double single, “Morning / Midnight // My Mind is a Mess in the Morning.”

Creating the 15 tracks we’ll find on Spirals, Leng has been on a personal journey. He explains:

I feel much more in tune with myself. In the past, I’ve battled this insecurity making music. I was stressed and had anxiety. But with Spirals, I reconnected with joy.

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