Whistler Catalogs Life’s Unwelcome Burdens With ‘Telltale Sauce’

Whistler is an “Anarcho-Pop-Rock” outfit from Copenhagen, and have released their first single “Shakespeare Currency” off their upcoming album titled Telltale Sauce from Post Present Medium.

Whistler’s vocalist/guitarist Louis Scherfig has said: “Our songs musically are quite driven by an idea of beauty.” And we’ll find the same goals on the new album, though you also might notice confrontation with life built into the lyrics.

The band describe “Shakespeare Currency” thus:

It’s an eager charmer with zeitgeist ambitions, teen enough to not know that past means trauma, grown enough to dance to the beating with jeweled middle fingers pointing in each direction. Who do you think you are? I am nobody and nobody is perfect.

They also add that the songs on Telltale Sauce “catalog our accumulation of unwelcome burdens: algorithms, bills, calories, diabetes, etc.”

Whistler is made up of Ditte Gyldendal Amby, Pynte, Anton Rothstein, and Louis Scherfig. Telltale Sauce is their second full-length LP, preceded by Blow Torch Social (released 2020 by Part Time Records) and the EPs ApocalypzZzz (2022, Post Present Medium) and Whistler’s First Recordings (2020, self-released). Whistler’s members previously played in Marching Church, Lower, Arakk, and Holm. 

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