Master Boot Record Brings Us More “Metal Done With A Synth” Via ‘Personal Computer’

[Cover photo courtesy of Master Boot Record/Metal Blade]

Master Boot Record is a project helmed by technologist/songwriter Victor Love, and he has released his eighth full-length album, Personal Computer, via Metal Blade Records.

The follow-up to Floppy Disk Overdrive (2020), Personal Computer is Love’s latest offering since emerging from the bulletin board system (BBS) scene in 2016 bringing all-new digital orchestrations. He describes his work simply as “metal done with a synth”.

Love composes songs on his YouTube channel. He explains:

I live stream from my desktop. When I have enough material to bundle an album together, I finish it off and prepare it for release. So, it’s a continuous songwriting process. My approach is familiar to me and my audience, and I really enjoy working in an interactive environment. As far as what I listen to, it’s the same stuff as always – from classical music (especially Beethoven and Bach) and thrash/death metal to chiptune music and crack intro/keygen music. I also listen to retro game music. So, in a way, the starting point is still the same. I’ve been growing musically.

The result is influenced as much by Classical Baroque music, Bay Area Thrash Metal, and Commodore 64 games. Personal Computer is available on all digital streaming platforms, CD, and double gatefold LP in the following variants:

-180g black
-bloody red marble – limited to 300 copies (EU Exclusive)
-grey marble – limited to 200 copies (EU Exclusive)
-purple marble (US Exclusive)
-lime marble (US Exclusive)