Listen To Elle Celeste’s “So Few”, Inspired By Blade Runner

[Cover photo credit to Sebastian Buzzalino]

Calgary-based singer/songwriter Elle Celeste has released the second single, So Few,” from her debut solo album Call On Me, due out in Autumn 2022. Much like the title track she previously shared, “So Few” combines familiar Folk-Rock elements with cinematic atmospherics, all driven by vocals.

Elle Celeste comments:

This song was inspired by the original Blade Runner from 1982. I enjoy the gloom and dread in the film and the feeling that everyone is just existing. Vangelis did an incredible job on the score. I tried to emulate his synth tone in the intro. Overall, this track is my ode to the rise of machines.

Elle Celeste’s new material builds on the “21st Century Folk music” approach of her former band Copperhead that blended Punk, Ambient and Electronic sounds with traditional elements.

Celeste wrote eight of Call On Me’s nine tracks, later crafting them with longtime musical collaborator Kirill Telichev and producer Casey McMechan, better known as the electronica artist Tyrek.

Celeste adds:

I feel I’ve matured in almost every way making this record. It’s motivated me to keep looking for ways to connect my experiences and song concepts with audiences.

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