Katie Alice Greer’s “Dreamt I Talk To Horses” Ruminates On Times When You Need To Go Your Own Way

[Cover photo credit to Kathryn Vetter Miller]

Katie Alice Greer has released a new single, Dreamt I Talk To Horses,” from her debut solo record Barbarism, out via FourFour Records on June 24th. “Dreamt I Talked To Horses” follows lead single “FITS/My Love Can’t Be” and its Network-inspired video.

Katie Alice Greer shares:

This was one of the last songs I finished on the record. It was originally 8 minutes long, way slower, and had a lot more reverb and noise. When I finally let go and re-recorded it, something totally different came out pretty organically. It seems hilarious now but initially when I finished this track I sent it to some friends saying I thought this was me finally going into straight forward pop territory, that it was “my Drake song,” and pretty much all of them told me it is still way too weird to sound like Drake. But, I hope people hear something they can connect with in it. It’s about confronting all of the hard feelings that come with loving people, even, and maybe especially, when things are not gonna work out and you need to go your own way.

Written, performed, produced, and mixed entirely by Greer, Barbarism utilizes “strange and bizarre sonic templates” and uses vocals to lead into “uncharted, uncomfortable territory”. Her references are diverse, from Network, to Dorothea Lasky, to The Twilight Zone, to RZA, but it’s all united under Greer’s particular vision.

Barbarism is Katie Alice Greer’s first full-length solo LP, following three EPs. From 2012 to 2019, Greer was the vocalist for Washington D.C. punk band Priests, and co-founded the record label Sister Polygon.

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