Cam Maclean’s “Thief” Makes Writer’s Block Work For Him

[Cover photo credit to Ariana Molly]

Cam Maclean (ex-Vesuvio Solo)  is will release new album Secret Verses this week on May 13th. In anticipation of the release date, he has shared new single “Thief” from the album.

On the new song Maclean says:

I wrote ‘Thief’ during a particularly hard month in the pandemic, trying to speak to the experience of writing songs on my own – with nothing going on in my life outside of my apartment. My record’s title, Secret Verses, is taken from a line in the song – ‘you write the secret verses that contain a single thought, that is somehow multiplied a thousand ways.’ This came out of the experience of ruminating on musical and lyrical ideas that just didn’t work, until I realized that my writer’s block itself – in light of the lack of real-life inspiration – was the real life experience that I had to write about.

“Thief” follows up the single “Visions,” released last month, a Folk composition with Beatlesque harmonies and ambience exploring themes of “quest, mystery and the slow but certain transition from the cold season to spring”. The text of “Visions” was inspired by “the chance encounter of a stranger on a winter walk” which led to a lasting relationship set against the context of pandemic isolation.

Rollie Pemberton (aka Cadence Weapon), recipient of the most recent Polaris Prize, and longtime friend of Maclean, Produced the album made of “unrevealed words and vector bridges”.

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