Doe Paoro Introduces ‘Divine Surrendering’ As A Healing Ceremony In EP Form

[Cover photo credit to Max Wanger]

Doe Paoro believes that “nothing stays still forever”, and “the spirit of nature growing upward towards something greater”. That understanding led her to spend much of the last year in the Costa Rican jungle, exploring ways that music could “activate deeper consciousness”. The musician, born Sonia Kreitzer, has announced new EP Divine Surrendering, due out June 10th, 2022. She describes it as a “a healing ceremony in EP form” and has previewed it with a title-track.

Doe Paoro comments on the title track:

It’s about learning to trust life with more grace and understanding that surrender isn’t a phase or a weakness, it’s the constant flow. My prayer for this song is for it to specifically help people with the grief and dying process.

On the EP, she adds:

It’s all about learning to trust life, to trust the medicine of life, to remember that we really don’t know anything!

‘Divine Surrendering’ EP Art, Credit: Meagan Boyd
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