The High Curbs Speak To The Realities Of Depression With “Down”

[Cover photo credit to Leo Velasquez]

Chino, CA-born Rock band The High Curbs are releasing their latest single “Down” today on April 29th, and also holding a show tonight at Los Angeles venue The Echo. The band features Eduardo Moreno as writer and singer, Alberto Alvarenga on guitar, Aaron Korbe on drums and Kenny Huerta on bass, and their new single has a pretty urgent theme: The ongoing struggle with mental health that many face, finding themselves unable to “fake it” when times seem happy but depression lies beneath the surface.

Frontman Ed Moreno introduces “Down”:

The song was written about having intruding thoughts but trying to pretend everything’s OK. I was on vacation, a time when I was supposed to be enjoying myself, and instead I found myself trying to figure out what I was doing with my life while at the same time trying not to ruin the trip.

Single artwork for “Down” by Dylan “Big Tex” Ewen

The DIY-driven band formed nine years ago in high school where they shared a love of skateboarding. They find themselves focused on “legacy” these days.

As Moreno adds:

Our biggest motivation is legacy. We want to make music that people from later generations can look back at and still be able to relate. When kids come up to us after a show and say we inspired them to start a band, those interactions give us the fuel to keep going.

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