Tombstones In Their Eyes Track Their Evolution To ‘A Higher Place’

Shoegazers Tombstones in Their Eyes (TITE) have released new melodic EP A Higher Place via Kitten Robot Records. In addition, the band have made public a “trippy, black & white animated video” for “I Know Why” off the EP. The EP was Produced by Paul Roessler (T.S.O.L., Josie Cotton, Kira).

TITE guitarist/vocalist John Treanor introduces the EP and the new single:

I am so happy that, after a year’s wait, we’re finally getting some new songs out into the world. I hope that fans can see the growth happening in the band’s sound. The songs are getting better and better, and we’re less focused on walls of guitars and getting into some cool territory with the vocals.

If I had to pick a favorite track off of the EP, it would definitely be ‘I Know Why’. It’s got such beautiful harmonies, a mix of acoustic and fuzz guitar, classic Paul Roessler keyboards and a semi-hidden bass solo in the final chorus.

The song itself was written on an acoustic guitar in a cabin in California, a rarity for Treanor who usually writes plugged in. The lyrics, as almost always with TITE, were written in stream of consciousness style. Though Treanor feels that the songs are best interpreted by the listener ‘I Know Why’ is “about trying to repair a damaged relationship”. The “I Know Why,” video was animated by friedanimation and Adam Toht of Saline Project.

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