Fritz Michel Covers A 1968 Hit “Suddenly You Love Me” And Adds A Surreal Twist To The Video

Singer/songwriter Fritz Michel has just released a music video for Suddenly You Love Me,” a reinterpretation of the British invasion band The Tremeloes’ 1968 hit. Featured on Michel’s debut EP On The Rocks, slated for release on June 17th, the cover and accompanying video bring a twist to the usual break-up song.

Michel explains:

’Suddenly You Love Me’ is a relationship song but it’s got that carefree twist. So, our video juxtaposes bright colors, animation, and Dada-inspired surrealism with a woodsy, get lost in nature storyline to ride that delightful push me/pull you beat.

Cover art for ‘On The Rocks’

Although he never had any formal musical training, Michel plays several instruments, including guitar, bass and piano. His musical preferences are varied as well, ranging from Jazz to Americana to Rock and Roll, and, in general, anything that “offers him the ability to simply tell a story”. The fact that Fritz has acted professionally in film, on television and on Broadway helped broaden his ability.

He comments:

I think the reward of creating music — or any art for that matter — lies in the conversation and collaboration that precedes it. I find I’m fully attuned to the process when I’m simply listening and allowing myself to be receptive to those things that are transpiring around me.