Minus The Bear’s David Knudson Collaborates With Bayonne On “Medalle”

David Knudson (Minus the Bear, Botch) has released the single “Medalle,” the latest from forthcoming debut solo album The Only Thing You Have to Change is Everything out May 13th, 2022, via Platoon / Seawall. “Medalle” is a collaborative dark Dream-Pop effort between Knudson and minimalist composer Roger Sellers, otherwise known as Bayonne.

Sellers comments:

When Dave sent ‘Medalle’ to me he mentioned that it’s about a friend’s passing and that I can either work with that or take it any direction I choose. To me, the song is about loss in a more general sense. We tend to regret certain things after we lose someone or something close to us. This track basically conveys the waves of emotion one goes through when facing that. 

The Only Thing You Have to Change is Everything is a title that rings especially true with Knudson, grappling with his first foray into writing music outside of the band dynamic, but also the much larger hurdle of newfound sobriety.

Knudson explains:

This record wouldn’t exist without my sobriety. It prompted me to learn and embrace new passions like drum programming and engineering. I haven’t felt a burst of inspiration like this in a long time. Removing all the self-inflicted chaos and complications opened my eyes to real life and opened my ears to new possibilities.

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