Pelagic Records Launches Ukrainian War Refugee Support Compilation

Germany-based label Pelagic Records has announced a special compilation album from among its roster of artists to benefit Ukranian War Refugees, A Pelagic Compilation (I&II) which will be available digitally and on cassette.

They say:

In the light of the current events and the tragedy in Ukraine, we would like to contribute something to helping war refugees who have lost their homes and are arriving by the thousands in Berlin day by day. So we reached out to our artists to compile a double tape sampler of exclusive, unreleased material, hand-numbered and strictly limited to 200 copies.

The release date for the compilation will be June 3rd, 2022, and 100% of profits will be donated to Be an Angel e.V. Berlin.

Featured artists include Mono, Year of No Light, Som, Arabrot, Psychonaut, Oslo Tapes, and many more. Aside from thanking the involved artists, they also praise some folks who have worked for free to make the collection happen: Philipp Welsing, Original Mastering (mastering), Benedikt Demmer, Druckwelle Design (artwork), Riso Club Leipzig (risograph printing), Prepaid Records (dubbing).

As to whether this collection will ever be released on vinyl, they say: “We have no plans at the moment, lead times are too long and hopefully by the time we’d get vinyl the war will be over. But never say never…”.

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