Art Rock Critiques Feudalism In Purple Witch Of Culver’s “Themes From The Servant’s Hall”

Los Angeles-based Art-Rock outfit, Purple Witch of Culver, have released new track “Themes from the Servant’s Hall”, which takes them “into the depths of antiquity” via Loantaka Records.

“Themes from the Servant’s Hall” features singer/poetess/sax player Sarah Safaie delivering a “poignant criticism of today’s feudal minded society”.

Sarah Safaie was raised on Bebop and straight-ahead Jazz, before an obsession with Parliament-Funkadelic illuminated other musical avenues and attending New York City’s New School for Jazz. Shortly after her arrival in L.A. in early 2020, she met Evan Taylor, whose credits and list of collaborators include Jimmy Destri (Blondie), Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads, Modern Lovers), mike watt, Theresa Wayman (Warpaint), Money Mark (Beastie Boys), in addition to running the LA-based label Loantaka Records (Sofia Bolt, Jess Cornelius). 

Most notably for Safaie, Taylor was part of the extended Parliament family, having worked as production partner with Bernie Worrell, the keyboard wizard of Parliament-Funkadelic, and collaborator with Talking Heads.

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