Juni Ata’s ‘Some Songs’ EP Traces Life’s Brevity And Wonder

Following his 2020 debut album Saudade, Juni Ata will release the five-song EP Some Songs on April 29th via Flying On Fire Records. The EP follows the narrative life arc of the singer-songwriter behind Juni Ata, Jesse Daniel Edwards, and shows off a cast of Nashville musicians, including guest appearances from Sierra Ferrell, Lauren Farrah and Madi Diaz. The single “Someone Else’s Rising Sun” featuring Ferrell has been released.

Edwards comments:

In five simple songs, dear curious listener, we range from the moment just before birth-where all is warmth and distant, glowing light, to the moments approaching death; from California sun to cold, dreary north Alabama winters and far-flung battlefields in distant lands. There is love to be sure, and that love is lost, then rediscovered but changed… then there is hope, and loss, but not so much as before. Can we ever be hurt as much as before? In the end we are glad to remember, we exult in remembering, that we are all of us standing on a tiny rock, floating on and on in the black, frigid, nothingness of outer space. And that time is short, but wondrous beyond compare.

This EP further builds on Jesse Daniel Edwards’ unlikely storyline, as he spent years writing songs with no intention of performing or recording them, while acting as on and off the road tour manager for Lucinda Williams and Morrissey. Then, a forced hiatus and subsequent encouragement from friends led to Saudade, an emotional debut full-length of 11 songs, and now, to the Some Songs EP.

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