Zakk For Real Promises “Voodoo-Soaked Psychedelia” for Debut Album ‘7 Is A Magick Number’

[Cover photo credit to Duncan McDiarmid]

Working from a small town outside of Vancouver, Zakk For Real put together debut album, 7 Is A Magick Number, due out May 7th. The record is a “seven-song journey of pure voodoo-soaked psychedelia”. The artist has played in Punk and Psych Rock bands for a number of years, but this album is his first solo effort and shows “warm and fuzzy” influences like T Rex and Ty Segall. The single “Little Black Book” is currently out.

Zakk takes a lyrical approach that is both “silly” and “serious”:

The lyrics on this record vary. They include interactions with enemies in dreams, the non-stop harassment women get on a daily basis, not giving up on your goals no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, and, of course, the universally overblown egos found in musicians.

The record features group vocals on “Gamma Love” and for his live band, Zakk assembled a group of friends that include Casey Anderson on drums, Cam McCulloch on bass, and Carl Hands on second guitar.

Album art by Jaik “Puppyteeth” Olsen

Zakk comments on the new lineup:

I can see this lineup proceeding on for a long time, unless someone decides to get married or converts to some sort of cult. [Laughs] I’m thrilled to have this solid group of people to bring these songs to life.

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