Phebe Starr Finds A New Muse With “My Magic Moon”

Having released her debut album Heavy Metal Flower Petal earlier this month, Australian singer and songwriter Phebe Starr has revealed a video for “My Magic Moon.” A tripped-out, black and white affair, the video features Starr and the outlandish suitor, Lizard Man, while she fantasizes about her lunar muse over an infectious.

Phebe Starr explains:

I was so sick of writing heartache songs. I wanted to write a song about how I wanted to feel and how future me would feel, but I didn’t have a muse. I looked outside the window and I always felt like the moon looked like it had it figured out, so as one does looking up to the moon pining for vibes, I found my muse…My Magic Moon.

Heavy Metal Flower Petal was written in the wake of a divorce and shows a contrast between the toughness (the ‘heavy metal’) and the softness (the ‘flower petal’) that exists within Starr’s life. Brought to life with guests including Alister Wright (Cloud Control, VLOSSOM), Xavier Dunn and Japanese Wallpaper, it showcases themes centered around a “soft power”, one that “relishes within femininity”.

Cover art for Heavy Metal Flower Petal

Starr will also be headlining a show at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall on April 4th, with tickets available here, as well as playing a Los Angeles show at Zebulon on April 10th. 

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