Bob Marley’s “She’s Gone” Gets A Demo-Inspired Arrangement From Scott Fisher Featuring Tim Lefebvre

Singer/songwriter and Producer Scott Fisher has released the single, “She’s Gone” featuring All-Star Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, The Black Crowes, John Mayer, Elvis Costello) on bass, with Fisher on guitars, vocals and Wurlitzer piano. This new arrangement of Bob Marley’s song was inspired by a rare demo recording, and therefore includes the introduction and B section of “She’s Gone” that were removed from Bob Marley’s official 1978 studio release.

This is Fisher’s first release since album 93 Million Miles From Earth in late 2021. That album featured original songs as well as arrangements of songs by Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead, and Bob Dylan, and follows Fisher’s 2019 album, Songs of Jerry Garcia and Others. We well may wonder if there’s more Bob Marley coming up from Fisher. In light of the attention given to the demo version of “She’s Gone” with this single, any future songs chosen would be off the beaten path in the best ways.

Wildfire Music + News previously spoke with Fisher about 93 Million Miles From Earth on his single and video for “The Right Way” here and on wider topics here.

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