Druids Take Us Into The Subconscious With ‘Shadow Work’

Iowa-based power trio Druids have been making 13 years of their signature blend of Psychedelic Rock and Sludge Metal. Their fourth album Shadow Work, which arrives on June 3rd, 2022, from Pelagic Records, sets out to deliver a diversification in sound and an increased use of different vocal types. Employing layered chants, spoken word and multi-part guttural vocal arrangements, their single “Ide’s Koan” is a prime example.

The new album’s title refers to to one of the chief ideas of the notable psychoanalist Carl Gustav Jung, and contains a “journey through the desolate wastelands of the subconscious”. C.G. Jung recognized the need for humans to engage the Shadow, which represents the unknown and suppressed aspects of the personality, including those often considered to be negative. Emerging from the “murky waters” of the pandemic years, Druids have created an experience that exists “on the interface of expression and introspection”.

5/4 Des Moines,IA – XBK Live

5/5 Chicago,IL – Reggies

5/6 Youngstown,OH – Westside Bowl

5/7 Toronto,ON – Bovine Sex Club

5/8 Ottawa,ON – Dominion Tavern

5/9 Quebec City,QC – La Source de la Martinière

5/10 Providence,RI – Alchemy

5/11 Frederick,MD – Cafe 611 Restaurant

5/12 Brooklyn,NY – Saint Vitus

5/13 Virginia Beach,VA – The Bunker Brewpub

5/14 Atlanta,GA – Boggs Social & Supply

5/15 New Orleans,LA – Portside Lounge

5/16 Lafayette,LA – Freetown Boom Boom Room

5/17 Austin,TX – Independence Brewing Co.

5/19 Tempe,AZ – Yucca Tap Room

5/20 San Diego,CA – Kensington Club

5/21 Costa Mesa,CA – The Wayfarer

5/22 San Francisco,CA – Bottom of the Hill

5/24 Portland,OR – Dante’s

5/25 Seattle,WA – Funhouse

5/26 Boise,ID – The Shredder

5/27 Salt Lake City,UT – Loading Dock

5/28 Denver,CO – HQ

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