Cade Hoppe’s “Morphine” Asks Which Version Of Yourself You’ll Become

[Cover photo credit to Carina Allen (@rlyblonde)]

Indie-Pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe has released his new single, “Morphine,” today, focused on the idea of “coping with the weight of life’s expectations”. This builds on his debut EP release in 2021, Tell Me How It’s Worth It.

He says:

I think your life experiences can either make you the person you always feared you’d become or the person you always hoped you’d become. By putting this song out, I hope I’m one step closer to the latter.

Originally hailing from Sacramento, CA and now based in New York, Hoppe first moved to the East Coast to pursue academic and athletic opportunities and it wasn’t until 2020 that he started to explore the possibility of recording and releasing his own songs. After putting out a few experimental releases with his stepbrother, Nick Adams, Cade connected with producer Harper James, one half of the Indie band Eighty Ninety. Together, they created his debut EP, Tell Me How It’s Worth It which was released in late 2021.