Isla Rose Reaches Out To A Past Self With “My Adeline”

[Photo credit to Rachel Deeb]

The Louisville, Kentucky-born, London-based Indie-Pop musician, producer, and songwriter Isla Rose has shared her debut single, “My Adeline” , the first from her upcoming debut EP No Answers which will be released later this year. The single also has an accompanying video:

Speaking about “My Adeline” the artist writes:

My Adeline was one of the first songs that I wrote and began to produce. It started with a voice-memo of me hand-drumming a beat and singing a melody that was stuck in my head.  This turned out to be the first verse and the pre-chorus for ‘My Adeline.’ It was like the song already existed…In the song, I am singing to My Adeline. My Adeline alludes to a past self – a younger, more naive, innocent me. Now a stronger, wiser, educated, traveled and worldly version of me is trying to communicate with her to steer her in the right direction and protect her from hurt. I’m trying to tell her I’ll be there through it all no matter what and keep her strong through the battles she’s facing.

The music and lyrics on No Answers take a deep dive into the life of Isla Rose. The EP explores her “personal relationships with music, insecurities, self-discovery, mental health, and spirituality”.  Within the four tracks on the EP, her influences can certainly be felt, from organic to electronic, indie to R&B.

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