Denver’s Milquetoast & Co. Gets Sultry With “Arson On Vine”

The Colorado-based band Milquetoast & Co. have released a preview of their upcoming EP with single “Arson On Vine” drawing on elements from Jazz, Folk, Americana, and Rock to create “a dark and sultry ballad”. “Arson On Vine” follows the story of a tortured arsonist stepping from the wreckage of the house he just burned down. We can also expect a live performance video for the song on March 16th.

Milquetoast & Co. is a Denver-based sextet that mingles high-intensity and angular elements of Americana with Rock and Blues along with “a touch of pomp and pageantry”.

Originally based in Boston, Milquetoast & Co. self-released three albums prior to parting ways for a series of “it seemed like a good idea at the time” reasons, from parenthood to world travel. Waiting for the time and circumstances to be right, the band found itself re-established in Denver. Now, with a fully re-formed lineup, Milquetoast & Co are picking-up where the love affair left off with members: James McAndrew, Dan Zangari, Kyle Bocchieri, Joseph Engel, Sam Oatts and Ben Parrish.

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