Tired Tape Machine Captures Time With “Stitch”

Stockholm-based musician and Producer Petter Lindhagen, aka Tired Tape Machine, has released a new single from his forthcoming LP Thing. The song, “Stitch”, marries a Hip-Hop beat with a ghostly vocal sample from Swedish singer Billie Lindahl (Promise & the Monster, Virke and Liljor), repeating the lyric “A stitch in time” over and over. Thing will be released in full on March 25, 2022 via Petter’s own record label F.E.E.D.E.R. records.

The new single is accompanied by a music video created by the audiovisual duo known as Kejser (Petter Lindhagen + artist Kajsa H. Bolve), which features footage of Petter mouthing the central “a stitch in time” vocal sample overlaid with psychedelic images of paint mixing as well as super-8 footage from Petter’s mother’s childhood.

The line in the song comes from the old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” but when paired with the vintage footage from the video, it becomes clear that the line also refers to an actual stitch in time, “a tiny fragment of a person’s life, captured in a single bit of footage”.

Lindhagen’s recordings dabble in a wide range of genres, including Electronica, Krautrock, Folk music, contemporary Classical and Jazz, but “Stitch” as well as previous single “He’s Gone” signal a new era for Tired Tape Machine as a project, moving into a sample and synth heavy Hip-Hop sound that is inspired by Producers like Flying Lotus, Four Tet, Aphex Twin and Madlib.

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