Nate Bergman Previews Debut Solo Album ‘Metaphysical Change’ With Two Singles

[Cover photo credit to Jesse Andrew]

Nate Bergman has announced debut solo album Metaphysical Change for May 20th, 2022, via Velocity Records. Described as Rock that’s “blues steeped, country-inflected”, the album’s future was challenged was Bergman got stuck overseas when lockdowns hit. Thousands of miles away from his collaborators, studio, and family, Bergman began recording demos all on his own, playing every instrument and stacking harmonies of his own voice. For that reason, you’ll see some European cities referenced in the new song titles. Bergman then sent the demos out to friends and strangers alike, pulling a diverse group of musicians in for collaboration.

Bergman has shared a first taste of the album with a double single release, “Loser’s Game” and “Just Like Dylan Said”.

Bergman introduces the two new singles:

“‘Losers Game’ is the score to a movie I made up in my head about unrequited love. Remembering someone you were in love with as a distant and painful memory. It’s a song about loss and hopelessness – and being reminded of these feelings everywhere you go. Sometimes when you look backwards in time it’s the only way to really understand what you felt at the time.

‘Just Like Dylan Said’ tries to convey the cyclical nature of the American Socio-Economic and political landscape and exactly what it was like to come home from Europe to a spring and summer that were so volatile. So many things exploded all at once between elections, covid, BLM protests, economic shutdowns, Police brutality – everything just came to a boiling point. I was walking around the protests in DC and realized it was what I had seen on TV and in movies from the ’60s.

The best way to deal with this was to try and generate hope and on a fateful Tuesday in the Summer of 2021 – myself, jam band superstar / Queen of NYC  Karina Rykman,Travis Stever of Coheed and Cambria, and Tucker Rule from Thursday got together in the infamous IIWII studios in Weehawken alongside the mystic Rona Rawls and Deborah Bondfrom Incognito to try and muster up some magic. The live video (and it is live) is our second pass (we made it to the second chorus on the first try) at the song and was recorded nine minutes after we first started playing together. Magic in a bottle.”

Nashville Producer Vance Powell (Phish, Chris Stapleton, Jack White), was tapped to tie the record together. Nate Bergman is currently on tour with Cursive before jumping back on tour supporting Thursday, concluding the run on March 13 in San Antonio. He will hit the road on April 27 to support Clutch, through late May.

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