It’s Tamar Berk’s Dream To Be Someone Else For A Day In “Your Permission”

Indie Pop singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Tamar Berk has released the lead single from her upcoming sophomore album Start At The End, titled your permission”. The single is also accompanied by a music video featuring many different ghostly versions of Berk, mirroring the song’s question, “Can I ask your permission to be someone else today?”.

Speaking to the inspiration and lyrical meaning behind “your permission”, Berk writes:

There are days, or even periods of my life when I just want to stop having to be me, and step outside of myself and be someone else…not have to deal with my usual anxieties, issues, and the obsessive thoughts in my head. Just the thought of not being in my head, even for just a day, seems so incredibly liberating! My thoughts can be quite intrusive and annoying and I suppose, it would be nice to experience not having to deal with being myself for a day or making any decisions. The title of the song “your permission” came to me as I thought about moments when I find myself apologizing for stating my opinion, needing something, or simply standing up for myself. My first instinct is always to apologize which I find myself doing sometimes…ultimately the title is ironic.

Tamar Berk hails from a number of Chicago and Portland bands and has released music on a number of Indie labels such as Thick Records, Minty Fresh and Kill Rock Star. Most notably, she was a founding member of the Chicago power pop group Starball in the 90s, but Berk now resides in San Diego, where she recorded both her debut LP The Restless Dreams Of Youth and now this new album Start At The End.

In June of 2021, Berk’s father died unexpectedly and she struggled to keep from falling into a deep depression. That led her to work on her new album, Start at The End. The journey she chronicled via the album is presented “like a book of short stories”, blending ‘60s psychedelia, ‘70s Punk and ‘80s Power Pop, as well as Folk and Country.

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