Colatura Explores Dark Revenge Fantasies With “Scars”

[Photo credit to Justin Buschardt]

New York City trio Colatura have released the single, Scars,” alongside a video homage to “the earliest days of television musical performances” ahead of their debut album, And Then I’ll Be Happy, which arrives April 22nd, 2022. There will be a hometown performance on release night in Brooklyn, at The Sultan Room. Prior to that, they will head to Austin, Texas for this year’s SXSW Music Conference.

Discussing the single, the band comments:

‘”Scars’ explores the dark fantasies of revenge you might indulge in, about someone who has caused you pain. It’s wanting to hurt someone who has hurt you and thinking that doing so will heal your own pain, but also knowing deep down that it won’t actually make the pain go away. But you indulge the fantasy regardless.

The chorus is rooted in doo wop, but in a dark way (doo wop noir, if you will), so in the video we wanted to reference that by doing a recreation of a ’50s girl group soundstage performance, but to make the movements more robotic and unnerving, and also have it feel like a kind of strange afterlife limbo.  

The emotionlessness of the singing and the movements seem on the surface like the pain is gone, but we wanted to use the juxtaposition of dark and light imagery to make it clear that even when you try to bury it, the pain will still live beneath the surface and be a part of who you are regardless. Not to be completely bleak, the flowers growing from our bodies show that there can be some regrowth and beauty even in the damage.”  

Colatura embraces a number of genres, including Pop-leaning melodies and Post-Punk atmospherics. Like many artists, Colatura took advantage of the COVID lockdown to write their first full-length album. Working with Grammy-nominated producer Charles Mueller (Miss Grit), the album was written collaboratively, with the band passing demos back and forth, eventually taking a writing retreat in upstate New York, once quarantined, and in their own ‘pod’. The lead single from the album, “King Kalm”, was released in August 2021, and was followed up with “The Met”, and “We Run On Empty” before the year was out.  

Live Dates:

03/15-20 – Austin, TX @ SXSW Music Conference [details]

04/22 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Sultan Room [tickets]

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