The Davenports Explore Relationship Veracity With “I Am Lying”

[Cover photo credit to Marc Lucas]

The Davenports, aka songwriter Scott Klass, has some relationship advice via his latest single, I Am Lying, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Klass has collaborated with artists like The Magnetic Fields’ Shirley Simms and They Might Be Giants’ Danny Weinkauf, as well as being a member of Look Park, with Fountain of Wayne’s Chris Collingwood and Winterpills’ Philip Price.

As The Davenports, Klass’ songwriting has always worked as short-stories brought to life, “focusing on life’s minutiae, and the little things that make life both rich and beautiful, and also slowly drive us insane”.

Discussing the track, Klass notes:

This is essentially a ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ story. Every relationship strikes its own balance of logic and emotion. Sometimes, being open with your partner about something like having a drink with an old friend, when there’s no logical reason for your partner to feel threatened, should be harmless. But, no great mystery, sometimes logic doesn’t count for shit in relationships. So this song’s narrator, while ruminating over how it shouldn’t be a big deal, decides that it’s just easier to brush it under the rug and bypass an unnecessary blow up.

The song was originally written for a would-be side project with my Look Park bandmates (Chris from Fountains of Wayne, Philip from Winterpills) – a deliberate attempt on my part to write something much more direct than I usually do, with a somewhat alt-country delivery. Since that project is still on hold, I just used it myself instead.

While The Davenports has always effectively been a solo project, made whole by a rotating cast of New York City’s musicians, Klass’ new pandemic adventure marked the first time he had ever recorded himself. “I Am Lying” marks the third single in a series of planned releases, written and recorded by Klass in his home studio with more to come in 2022.