Josie Bello Shows Us ‘Resilience’

Huntington, NY-based artist Josie Bello has recently released her third full-length studio album, Resilience, a collection of nine tracks of new original material and revealing a more introspective side. The music is a mix of Americana styles encompassing Folk, Country and Rock.

In addition to Bello’s lead vocals, accordion and keys, the players feature Mike Nugent on guitar, bass and dojo and Shawn Murray on drums. Jim Small’s harmonica and Richie Guerrero and Sean Dolan on percussion add texture and depth to a number of the tracks.

Josie’s first two albums, Have Purpose Live Long (2020) and Can’t Go Home (2018) are both available on Bandcamp.


1. Rising
2. Resilience
3. The Sound of Guitars
4. I Am Empty
5. Love That’s Real
6. Killing Time
7. Coffee Shop Open Mic
8. Calling Card
9. Too Many Changes

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