Lisa Heller’s “Cheetos N Coke” Reflects On Body Image And Mental Health

[Cover photo credit to Adrian Andres]

Bedroom Pop artist Lisa Heller has shared new single, cheetos n coke, her first release since last year’s is anyone listening? EP. The song is a very personal one, reflecting on Heller’s experiences with negative body image and mental health issues, but was crafted as an outreach to others who might have similar, or wider issues like these.

Speaking on the origins of the song, Heller writes:

I wrote “cheetos n coke” with my frequent collaborator Meghan Williams. We wrote the song when I mentioned I wanted to write a song about my previous struggles with an eating disorder and the common struggle amongst a lot of people, especially young women, with body image and body neutrality.

I recorded the song in my bedroom in LA, which felt symbolic because I have actually looked in the mirror in that very room and dealt with some negative body image. I worked with my producer, Will McCoy, to make sure the production remained just as vulnerable as how I felt when writing the song. I think that “cheetos n coke” touches on important aspects of mental health. Although not everyone will have a mental illness in their life, everyone has their mental health to tend to. Body image is something that I have had my struggles with and at times really took over my happiness and my life. I wanted to open the conversation by openly sharing those struggles for the first time through a song, because maybe it will help someone feel a little bit less alone.

Lisa Heller has performed with artists such as Bryce Vine, American Authors, Party Nails, Weathers, Jesse McCartney, Kenzo Cregan and Bea Miller.

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