Theodore Puts The Globe Into A “Frame Of Reference”

[Cover photo credit to Paris Anagnostopoulos]

Greece-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Theodore has released the second single from his fourth LP The Voyage which will be released on March 13, 2022 via United We Fly. The song, titled “Frame of Reference” springs from a time when Theodore “dreamed of looking back on how charmingly blue earth was, as he was floating away in outer space”, which led him to reflect on how the things that we don’t really appreciate in our daily lives can appear “beautiful from a distant point of view”.

“Frame Of Reference” is accompanied by an official lyric video. Describing her inspiration for the visuals, the creator of the lyric video Danai Nielsen writes:

This lyric video is a space journey. From Earth to the planets of our solar system, to distant galaxies and interstellar transitions. It follows the emotion and intensity of the song, trying to communicate and engage the emotion that Theodore conveys musically into moving images. It has a strong element of nostalgia and exploration. We are moving away from the Earth, our safe base and home, without a clear destination. We are just floating in this infinitely beautiful space.

Theodore has shared the stage with artists such as Sigur Ros, DIIV, and Αmber Run and has performed at Reeperbahn 2017 & 2018, Eurosonic, Musexpo LA and SXSW 2018 & 2019.

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