Kevin Devine Invites You On A Journey “Into The Preservation Of Self” With ‘Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong’

[Cover photo credit to Erik Tanner]

New York-based songwriter and musician Kevin Devine will be releasing his tenth full-length album, Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong, on March 25th, 2022 from Triple Crown Records. New single, Albatrossgives us a hint of what’s to come from an album that continues Devine’s career-long collaboration with producer Chris Bracco.

Painting by Valerie Hegarty

The 11-track record was created free of time constraints and was written primarily from January 2019 to March 2020, largely worked on remotely from Devine & Bracco’s respective homes. The album is designed to be listened to in order from start to finish, taking in a blend of Psych-Folk, Orchestral acoustic, Lo-Fi bedroom and Indie-Rock.

The single “Albatross” not only sets the tone, but establishes the thesis of the album as a whole.

Speaking about the new single, Devine says:

“Albatross” is a hard reboot, a fragmented emptying-out for us strugglers whose life experience invalidates cookie-cutter solutions or miracle cures or 21st century coping mechanisms. Where do you turn for comfort when the generally-accepted value system and discourse is this degraded and grotesque? Maybe letting go, and then more letting go, of the burden of communicating that for which no suitable words exist, of fumbling at ad-hoc answers to the unanswerable, of investing in a perverse and upside-down reality that encourages you to internalize the need to fix things you didn’t break.

With his tenth full-length record, Devine invites old fans and new listeners to join him “on an authentic, intimate, prismatic journey into the preservation of self and what that means”.

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