Youn Sun Nah Puts Her “True Self On Record” With ‘Waking World’

[Cover photo credit to Youn Sun Nah]

South Korean singer and Jazz vocalist Youn Sun Nah has shared “Don’t Get Me Wrong, the second single from her forthcoming album Waking World that will be released on January 28, 2022 via Arts Music, a division of Warner Music Group. For the first time in her career, Youn Sun Nah wrote all of the songs that comprise her forthcoming collection.

Youn Sun Nah released her debut album 20 years ago, but says, “I always thought I wasn’t ready to take on the role of composer.” Most recently, she interpreted the songs of others like Leonard Cohen and Marvin Gaye on her 2019 album Immersion. On upcoming album Waking World she turns to exclusively original compositions that alternate between “levity and painful insight”.

Hailed as an album with “a lot of light and a lot of shadow”, Waking World is described by Young Sun Nah as “both an incredible pleasure and a tremendous challenge.” Waking World is the closest she has ever come to her true self on record.   

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