DiAmorte Offers New Theatrical Metal Opera With “Where The Light Grows Cold”

Theatrical Metal Opera outfit DiAmorte have released the video for their new single “Where The Light Grows Cold” from Dark Star Records that features as international an effort as recording the track itself, which resulted from collaboration with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

DiAmorte is a Theatrical Metal Production with operatic and live visual elements, presenting the stories of the albums as a live experience. They describe themselves as “musical theater for a modern age”.

Drake Mefestta discusses what it was like working with the talent on this song:

“A book unto itself is required to give the worthy amount of praise to each talent that bled themselves into this. This song journeyed around the world both in music as well video alike. Regardless of future accolades DiAmorte may achieve, still I see myself as a black-clad teenager with a stock keyboard and rather insane dream. To then presently work directly with individuals I once listened to and previously inspired by in younger years is a joy without measure. I myself, am nothing more that part of something far greater than myself, collectively carried by those I’m privileged to call colleges and even more-so, friends and family. All the imagination means little if a skillful hand cannot articulate and translate. It is my hope the music will speak to the talent and collective efforts more vividly than anything I can produce. For all those that contributed towards this mad endeavor, thank you for making a fool’s dream a worthwhile reality.”  

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