Minnesota Rockers A Rising Force Join Dark Star Records, Re-Release ‘Undertow’

Minnesota Rock act A Rising Force have signed a new two album deal with Dark Star Records/SONY/Universal and will re-release their first album Undertow on February 18, 2022. The title track “Undertow” has also been released with a new music video that has a memorial to their late record company President and friend Bill Chavis.

Leni DiMancari, guitarist, explains:

“We were incredibly excited to be a part of the Dark Star/SONY/Universal family. There were 3 labels interested in picking the band up after the untimely passing of Bill and Lori Chavis from HighVolMusic. After navigating the legal challenges and getting an artist release from our current contract, we settled on the label we felt that would best serve the band. We are looking forward to our future relationship, and getting out on the road to promote our new music.” 

The band signed their initial record deal with HighVolMusic in December of 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and their debut CD Undertow was originally released in May of 2021. Unfortunately, the untimely death of their record company President and Vice President Bill and Lori Chavis to Covid 19 put the band’s future on hold, forcing the band to navigate legal challenges before joining Dark Star. However, A Rising Force are currently in pre-production for their next studio album to be released in the late Spring of 2022.