Behavior + Mayako XO Collab ‘Free World’ LP Is Coming To Vinyl

[Cover photo: Behavior & Mayako XO , Los Angeles 2021. L-R – Sara Gernsbacher, Bedros Yeretzian, Justin Tenney, Robbie Cody, Evan Burrows.]

Free World is the first full-length album from an ongoing collaboration between Behavior (Bedros Yeretzian, Evan Burrows, Justin Tenney, Robbie Cody) and Mayako XO (Sara Gernsbacher). It was tracked between 2019 and 2020 and assembled over the course of the last year in Los Angeles. It’s available now digitally, but is soon to be preorderable on vinyl, arriving in March 2022.

The album “reflects its creation under open-ended yet intent circumstances” and the collaboration is “rooted in improvisation, recorded then assembled after the fact into these songs— an excavation of musical histories, an uneasy distillate and postscript to the tradition of rock n roll”.

Behavior and Mayako XO have been involved in Los Angeles’ underground scenes for more than a decade. Likeminded affiliates include Syko Friend, P22, Chronophage, Pink Trash Can, Purity, Only Violets, Pure Shit, Chalk, Itasca, Gun Outfit, etc. Along with Free World, Behavior & Mayako XO have also released the single “Horseshoe, and the track “Deicide”.

Free World was recorded by Robbie Cody and mixed by Robbie Cody and Evan Burrows in Los Angeles. It was mastered for digital and physical media by Sarah Register. Free World is available for preorder January 10th 2022 from the heads at Post Present Medium

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