Cut Through Glossiness To Reality With South Of France’s “Hallelujah Show”

[Cover photo credit to Garrett Reed]

“Hallelujah Show”, released today, is the first single off South of France’s upcoming 2nd LP My Spirit Animal/ My Baggage. You may have come across their work previously in an episode of Bojack Horseman.

South of France’s frontman Jeff Cormack comes from Denver, Colorado, has been building his own brand of “dystopian vacation indie rock” since 2015. “Hallelujah Show” sets out to “explore the truth behind flawless appearances and idealizations”.

Cormack explains:

“I aim to create a vibe of ‘let’s call it what it is’ in a world we try to present as glossy. It’s about who we are versus who we think we are. I think that’s more interesting, anyway.”

Currently signed with Staycation Records, South of France recorded “Hallelujah Show” at their studio with all instruments performed by Jeff Cormack. The track was collaboratively-produced by Cormack, Gregory Laut, and David Bennett.

Single artwork by Garrett Reed

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