Austrian Artist OSKA Ponders “Responsibility” Toward Future Generations

[Cover photo credit to Christoph Liebentritt]

Today, Indie-Pop singer/songwriter OSKA shares another taste of her forthcoming debut album with new song “Responsibility”. Described as an “acoustic-driven waltz”, the song serves as “an ode to her upbringing” and her family ties. “Responsibility” follows “Starstruck,” “Woodstock,” “Crooked Teeth,” and “Lousy T-Shirt” which will appear on her debut album, My world, My love, Paris due out February 25th via Nettwerk.

OSKA describes the new song as “a very sad story about a parent who leaves their family behind”, and her goal is to encourage “would-be and current parents” to think about the world they’re passing down to their children.

OSKA’s debut EP Honeymoon Phase arrived in 2020, but My world, My love, Paris, will be her first full-length album.

She comments on its development:

“I‘m realizing more and more that this album does not have to be perfect or everything I‘ve ever dreamed it would be. It’s like a photograph, something to look back on, something that brought me a lot of joy and songs that helped me through a lot of sad times. It’s honest and there’s so much love in it. So much time and work, even tears, hours of watching my producer Alex edit guitars and drums and vocals, hours of singing and waiting for the right moment to record and the right emotion to be caught, hours of writing and doubting my skills, hours of absolute peace and flow and loving that I get to do this. I’m okay with the fact that my music will change with me. I’m okay with letting go off these songs. I’m okay with the album being out there and listened to. I’m very okay with this album being my first album.”

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