Get Ready For ‘Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars’ From Prog Rock Outfit The Spacing Effect

Northern California Alternative/Prog Rock band The Spacing Effect has released their new single “Cosmic U” via Dark Star Records, the first single from their upcoming album, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

The new album sprung from a time of momentum, as the band explains:

“After our first EP was released, we had a real fire in our bellies that carried right into this year-and-a-half journey. We focused on writing cool guitar riffs, melodic choruses, and express honest questioning/observations of the world and personal experience. This album was self produced in every way. Each song was written, recorded, and mixed by the band in their home studios with additional contributions from Max Wasa and Max Norman.”

The band’s previous debut EP was Produced by industry veteran Max Wasa, and by British record Producer and recording engineer Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne), Randy Rhoads, Megadeth, Strung Out, and more), mastered their album.

Here’s our track listing for Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars:

1. Cosmic U (Radio Edit) (4:25)

2. Floating Orbs (5:26)

3. Playing With Scissors (3:17)

4. Carbon To Crystalline (4:01)

5. Saturn Street (3:16)

6. Fight Or Flight (4:05)

7. The Only Light Left In The Sky (4:20)

8. Pass The Lighthouse (4:47)

9. Hindsight is 2020 (5:10)

10. Can’t Break Me (3:45)

11. Tremors (4:13)

12. Cosmic U (Full Version) (4:50)

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