Old Salt Takes Us With Them ‘Live In Room 13’ In February

Belgium-based Americana band Old Salt have announced a new EP for February 2022 release, Live in Room 13. The band were the recipient of the 2017 European World of Bluegrass Award and have been performing across Europe since 2015.

While their inspiration stems from “the streets of New Orleans up through Appalachia to the folk revival of the North East USA and into Europ, their work often crosses boundaries and combines elements of “a jam session, the concert hall, and the street” to create a modern Folk sound.

Old Salt crafted this new EP by recording it in Room 13 in Ghent, Belgium and the five songs stem from traditional material but are presented with a fresh energy. The songs were chosen, however, because Old Salt feels they “represents much of what so many of us have been dealing with through this last year. Experiences like monotony, loneliness, hope, and loss.”

The EP Live In Room 13 will be released February 11th 2022. Their 2019 album, Commons, is currently available.

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