Canyon City’s EP ‘Matinée’ Plays On “The Sweetness And Distortion Of Memory”

[Cover photo credit to Andrew Kelly]

Canyon City, aka songwriter Paul Johnson, will have a new EP, Matinée, arriving from Nettwerk on January 7th, 2022. He’s also released the single Changes from the EP. Matinée follows Johnson’s 2019 LP Bluebird and 2020 EP, Circling The Sun.

Discussing “Changes” Johnson comments:

“The first verse of the song is where the album title appears and sets up the overarching album theme of memory expressed through the imagery of old film. In the verses the speaker is trying to reach back in memory, acknowledging how time has aged and given it an artificially rose-colored filter; attempting to reconcile the past with the present, and how to be at peace with an uncertain future. The chorus lands on the idea that whether things are moving forward or falling apart, change is a certainty to try to influence thoughtfully, and love is a constant.”

For Johnson, the record is meant to play out “like an old movie, flickering in the dark of a theatre, on a bright afternoon”.

Johnson adds about the EP:

“One of the overarching themes plays on the sweetness and the distortion of memory. Those memories bounce around and are filtered through the lens of our own experience, which inevitably distorts them in some form or fashion. The title evokes the idea of a midday daydream playing out like a movie.”

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