The Thing With Feathers Dissects A Bad Date With “Static” Ahead Of ‘Sundays In The South’ EP

[Cover photo credit to Luke Rogers]

Nashville-based Rock band The Thing With Feathers have announced forthcoming EP, Sundays in the South, as well as sharing their lead single, Static.” The new song was produced by Owen Lewis and Ben Cramer and marks their first offering since the release of We’ll Be Fine,” a single the band dropped back in April. The EP will be available in full on February 18th via Fat Pipe Recordings/Kartel Music Group.

The band encompasses a DIY ethos drawing on a number of genres for sound and style, but Dave Welcsh explains their work thus: “Our music is an invitation. It’s an empowerment, a call to something greater, a belief in something more, but most of all it is hope.”

Speaking on the origins of the lyrics for “Static,” the band’s founder, singer and guitarist Dave Welcsh explains that it’s:

“…a song that tells the story of a rather disheartening date in which the main character feels like he is simply being used as an accessory to his date’s edgy phase. This song explores the feelings that come with being used, pigeon-holed, and confused by the situation that you’ve found yourself in.”

Welcsh continues to lay out the creative evolution of the song:

“This song went through a lot of changes but has always included the beginning guitar part, which pretty much carried the rest of the creation of the song. At first we didn’t think we were gonna use it but still chose to show Ben and Owen at rehearsal and it quickly became their favorite, so we chose to finish and record the song.”

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