Behemoth Delivers “Prometherion” Video From Upcoming Live Release ‘In Absentia Dei’

[Cover photo credit to Krzysztof Wiktor]

Black Metal Band Behemoth took over an abandoned church in rural Poland to perform a worldwide streaming event in the midst of the pandemic lockdown. More than a year later, the performance of In Absentia Dei returns in a range of formats for fans to relive. It arrives from Metal Blade on December 17th 2021.

Frontman Nergal states about the new video:

“Legions! For some of you, The Apostasy is the ultimate BEHEMOTH experience. Here, we present to you a song from that record which we filmed during In Absentia Dei. Enjoy it!”

The original show was produced by Grupa 13, and In Absentia Dei was presented as a show in four parts, woven with “high-production theatrics and even hellish flames emanating from all parts of the sacred building”.

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