Kate MacLeod Announces ‘Uranium Maiden’ From The Heart Of The American West

[Cover photo of Kate MacLeod and Michael Greene]

Americana musician Kate MacLeod has studied a variety of musical genres including Classical, Celtic, Folk, Folk Rock, American Old-Time, Bluegrass, Eastern European, and Early Country music. All of these influences are drawn together in her upcoming release, Uranium Maiden. 

MacLeod is known as a songwriter, fiddler, and composer of thematic music taking in landscape, historic characters and events. The music in Uranium Maiden was inspired by the region that she lives in, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

She explains:

“I wanted to create a beautiful listening  experience from the heart of the American West. This recording includes historic characters of the Utah region, true stories by pioneer women, coal miners, explorers, and environmental issues.  It also includes some contemporary themes.

This album is the most produced recording of mine. It encompasses a life-long experience of living in the American West. I wanted to create a beautiful listening experience from out of the West, because there is a strong music scene here which is often overlooked by the rest of the country.”

Co-Produced by MacLeod and Michael Greene, there are 17 original tracks on Uranium Maiden, 4 of which are instrumentals. The recording itself took 6 years to complete and is a culmination of many years (1980s-2021) with contributions from 22-plus musicians.

MacLeod fills us in:

“Most of the musicians that are included on this recording have a history of making music with me over the years that I’ve lived in Utah.  But I also made sure to invite some of the influential and interesting musicians in Utah, such as pianist/composer Kurt Bestor, and Native American musician Nino Reyos.”

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