Åskväder Brings Their Brand Of Blues-Rock To “When We Fall”

Åskväder are back with the first new music since their 2020 S/T debut album. The electrifying Swedish band combines the sound of the 90s Scandinavian rock scene with a classic Blues-Rock approach on their new single ”When We Fall”, currently available. The single is the first taste of Åskväder’s new album Fenix, which is set for worldwide release on The Sign Records at the beginning of 2022.

Martin Gut from the band comments:

“The lyrics of the song are describing the inevitable ruin of mankind. To be stuck in apathy facing the abyss. The song was named after a band that our old bass player Staffan Persson had in his 20’s as a tribute to him. The awesome riff that gets the song started is something we are especially proud of.”

Hailing from the west coast of Sweden, Åskväder (whose name means “thunderstorm”) released their debut EP Quick Fixes in 2018. In 2020 the band joined forces with The Sign Records for the release of their debut, self-titled studio album.

When Åskväder returns with their second full-length effort, Fenix, we’ll hear sound elements from their debut album taken “to a new level” as mixed by Kalle Lilja & Per Stålberg (Welfare Sounds).

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