Watch Feral Vices’ Video For “Lay Down” Ahead Of ‘With Offerings’ EP

Louisville KY-based Alternative Rock duo Feral Vices will release a 5 song EP titled With Offerings on December 3rd, which was recorded in the Spring of 2021 with Nik Bruzzese.

The current duo was “created by accident” after the crumbling of two different bands when Alexander Hoagland (guitar, vocals) and Justin Cottner (drums) got together and found inspiration in other two-piece bands like Royal Blood and Death from Above 1979 while bringing in influences like the Jesus Lizard and Refused.

The EP’s second single and music video (by James Gregory Wightman) for “Lay Down” is now streaming.

Hoagland comments on the freeform nature of creating the song and the video:

“The song started with the riff on the chorus and then the riff during the verses and trying to figure out how to connect the two. The chorus ‘Lay Down, falling apart cause you missed out’ was the first lyric written because it just fit so well with the chorus and the general sassiness of the music that the rest of the song was written around that. It was a very Jimi Hendrix meets The Strokes vibe that we were going for musically that kind of ended up becoming something entirely different.

The idea for the video was put together in a similar way, we had all these ideas for what we were going for and then we started filming and it became something else entirely, so it felt appropriate to lean into that and watching it now, it just feels right.”

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