Fader Label Adds Management Division

The label FADER has announced that their new management division has officially been launched. The artists who are currently on the FADER Management roster include shallou, James Ivy, Del Water Gap and Mcamp.

FADER founders Rob Stone and Jon Cohen, comment on this news:

“FADER Management is a natural evolution of the artist development we offer through all of the services Cornerstone and FADER provide. Management enables us to use the infrastructure across our companies to play a bigger role in helping artists build and execute the right strategy and develop incredible creative.” Stone says, “The FADER has always been about the “creator first” in music, film, live events, podcasts and collaborations. Now with our management division, we’re able to truly partner with best-in-class musicians to create their visions and inspire audiences worldwide.”

General manager of FADER Label, Carson Oberg adds:

“About 3 years ago I sat in Jon’s office talking to him how I would love to branch off the label to restart FADER Management with him. Fast forward 3 years and we have been able to bring in 3 artists that we believe are true trailblazers in a crowded industry. FADER has been at the forefront of developing stories and artists. FADER management allows us to tell an artists’ story from every avenue of their business. This is just the beginning for FADER management as we are actively expanding and looking for new managers to partner with to expand our roster.”

More info on FADER:

Launched in 1999 and founded by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen, The FADER has built its reputation on staying ahead of the curve, evolving into the award-winning music, style, and culture media agency it’s known as today. FADER Label follows that same innovative ethos, nurturing organic development for tomorrow’s top-talent. Focusing on young artists with a strong sense of identity, FADER Label leverages deep industry relationships and limitless creative resources to maximize their potential. A sense of agency extends to the label’s deal structures, which prioritize artist equity. With over two decades of experience breaking talent, FADER Label is redefining artist development for a modern era.