Meet Delv!s And His Avatar Via His ‘Walk Alone Tracks’ EP

Belgian singer-songwriter Delv!s has released an EP as a prelude to his first album Bla Bla Blue arriving in early 2022, titled Walk Alone Tracks. Delv!s also enlists the services of an avatar, a figurine that resembles him and plays his role in the “Rebelman” clip, which was the first extract of his upcoming album as revealed last summer.

While “Rebelman” is a “pop-psych hymn” which sets the tone for the EP, the song “Walk Alone Track”, sets up the mood of “adventuring without a goal and on our own”, painting a picture of the countryside. The last track of the EP, “Round and Round”, sets out to be “a message to future generations”.

Delv!s comments on “Walk Alone Track”:

Walk Alone Track is a song I wrote to comfort myself in a time when I was looking for the meaning of true love. Now I know that true love starts from within yourself. I want to thank everyone who helped me bring this baby to earth, you know who you are.

Sometimes Delv!s and his avatar wrestle for musical control:

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